The Hundred Tales of Wisdom por Idries Shah

The Hundred Tales of Wisdom por Idries Shah
Titulo del libro : The Hundred Tales of Wisdom
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 13, 2018
Autor : Idries Shah
Número de páginas : 204
ISBN : 1784791385
Editor : ISF Publishing

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Idries Shah con The Hundred Tales of Wisdom

Páginas: 204 Géneros: 12:HPDF:Oriental & Indian philosophy 12:HRHX:Sufism & Islamic mysticism 12:HRKN:Oriental religions Sinopsis: Traditionally known as ,The Hundred Tales of Wisdom, this collection comprises excerpts from the life, teachings and miracles of the Sufi teacher Jalaluddin Rumi, together with certain important stories from his works.As well as being part of the bedrock of classical Persian literature, these tales, anecdotes and narratives are believed, by Sufis, to aid in the development of insights beyond ordinary perceptions. Here, they are translated and presented by Idries Shah._,