Blender 2.x Reference Manual (English Edition) por Hirako San

Blender 2.x Reference Manual (English Edition) por Hirako San
Titulo del libro : Blender 2.x Reference Manual (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 27, 2018
Autor : Hirako San

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Hirako San con Blender 2.x Reference Manual (English Edition)

Blender 2.x Reference Manual is the only book that takes you extensively through the entire learning process of the 3D Modelling and Animation software: Blender.

It will be showing you the tools and techniques professional animators use to create everything from simple animated particle effects to complex character animation for Web sites, video, film, and other multimedia formats.

Written by the community of Blender contributors, this book features everything you need to know to grasp the powerful 3D modelling and rendering interface.

Our aim is to provide a complete and concise reference manual.

Target group:
People educated in computer graphics, who understand the basics of 3D and/or know other 3D software.

The manual goals are to provide:
Insight in Blender’s way of working, its internal (technical) design – in order to understand options and tools.
Detailed functional descriptions of all features, tools and options in Blender.

This version of the manual book has been edited and adjusted to fit in the Kindle reader, and the content is the result of intensive contribution from the Blender team and community.