Loophole: Portal to Desire por JOHN CARSTARPHEN

Loophole: Portal to Desire por JOHN CARSTARPHEN
Titulo del libro : Loophole: Portal to Desire

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JOHN CARSTARPHEN con Loophole: Portal to Desire

In the future, the last remaining city is nearly engulfed by water. The only hope for the remaining populace is to use an emergency beacon, The Celtarian Globe, to contact an advanced race of aliens to come and save them. But getting to the Globe is no easy matter: it's under tight security in the city museum. The wealthiest citizens, led by Oligarch Gaspar King, plan to use it for their escape, leaving everyone else behind.The only way into the museum: an illegal invisibility device called a Loophole. Only two Loopholes remain in existence, with one held by a mysterious woman, and the other buried deep beneath the murky waters of the city. Female lovers Neepa and Hera find themselves caught up in an underground plot to secure the Loophole by diving into treacherous waters, both politically and physically. But their leader, Drax, doesn’t care about their safety. She is a street smart operator who is only interested in selling the device to the highest bidder.Can Neepa and Hera survive the treachery of the city long enough to find the Loophole?And can their love survive the secrets that they each carry from their past, their connection to the mystery woman who owns the other Loophole, and their own fears of the future?