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Strip Till & Cultivators

A wide range of cultivators and the all new INRO Strip Till

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Sowing and Fertilising

Drills including the Pentasem and Fertiliser equipment

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Grass/Meadow maintenance

Specialist crop weeding farm machinery including the superb PRAIRIAL grass harrow

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Front Presses/ Drill Toolbars

Cultivation Presses and drill toolbar range

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Carre Farm Machinery

A wide range of cultivators, drills and meadow maintenance machinery.  Agritechnica hosted the launch by Carre of it's stunning new Strip Till the 'INRO' and the Carre Prairial, a true 3 in 1 regeneration harrow shows proven results across the UK.  Call now for further information or demo's.


It's a new generation for regeneration

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Apr 16, 2014


CARRE  Strip Till Cultivator is due to land at our depot in the next few weeks,this STRIPTILL machine from Carre is built to a very high standard allowing  adjustment between row widths simply, also a large selection of in field adustments can be made very easily without the need for a tool box !!. Option's such as rear linkage and granular/liquid fertilizer are available.

Apr 15, 2014

Come and see us at the Thirsk Machinery show today - All the latest from Carre, Rozmital, Duncan Ag and INO.

Apr 3, 2014

Grass Harrow & Drill Machine


Dont delay call now to arrange a Demo or a qoute on the machines listed below. remeber to qoute WEBCODE. valid until 30th April 2014

3M Prairial = £5,100 WEBCODE CP03

6M Sarclese = £3,350 WEBCODE CS60

Duncan Eco trailed drill = £14,400 WEBCODE DET

Duncan AS18 trailed drill (vario speed) = £13,150 WEBCODE DASVT